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Readding6Will the iPod kill the Radio Star

Readding6Will the iPod kill the Radio Star - Will the iPod...

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Will the iPod kill the Radio Star? By Richard Berry is an article that discusses the different attributes of Podcasting. At times it also compares Podcasting with other technologies. Richard Berry quotes Guardin a journalist Ben Hammersley claims that Podcasting is a new boom in amateur radio” and through the article gives various examples of contemporary amateur podcast like The Dawn and Drew Show and The Commute.” Because Podcast is an open source anyone can download shows for free and listen to them at their own convenience. The Podcast is so convenient and a great success because this generation of consumer values immediacy, convenience and personalization/ customization. Another reason the Podcast is such as success is that it takes away power away from radio corporations and it gives it to the consumer. Another advantage of Podcasting over traditional radio started in that Podcast radio is commercial free. Podcasting Precedent is a subsection of the article that compares podcasting to
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