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How Media Became News, by Lev Manovich argues that technology of image synthesis and processing numbers so intertwined, and describes the development of the computer as a media processor in a cyclical, circle of life fashion. According to Manovich, the daguerreotype of 1839 was the invention that triggered the creation of a processing computer. The daguerreotype was a camera that captured an image or visual information. The Analytical Engine was a processing unit that followed commands from punch cards to do mathematical operations. The
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Unformatted text preview: daguerreotype and the Analytical Engine represent two branches of technology: One, calculator a control mechanism or communication devise, the second, Second a media creator such as the daguerreotype. These technologies started as one, diverged and have ended up as one as the modern computer. According to Manovich the chaos unleashed by the Industrial Revolution overwhelmed everyone. Too much information needed to be stored and processed wich lead to the eventual convergence of...
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