summary8 - access between the poor and rich within one...

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Name November 3, 2010 Professor Jacqueline Vickery COM 309 Reading Summary 8 The reading on the digital divide was an introductory chapter for the book by Norris; there for it the argumentation is lot substantial. However it does contain key definitions of words ideas and themes that must be clearly defined to successfully grasp the rhetoric in the following chapters. According to the introduction the book focuses on exploring the effect t he Internet will have on information-rich and information-poor countries: Will the Internet further antagonize the two different types of countries? Will the World Wide Web strengthen democracy around the world? Norris refines digital divide as a multidimensional phenomenon encompassing three different levels, global, social and democratic divide. Global divide referees to the difference of interne access and prevalence between industrialized and developing or underdeveloped nations, for Example US vs. Bolivia. Social divide is a term used to define the difference of Internet
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Unformatted text preview: access between the poor and rich within one country itself. Democratic divide coins the differences between those who do or do not use technology to participate in public life and governmental politics. According to Norris there are three doctrines regarding the digital divide debate. One is that of the optimist who believes the Internet will save humanity and that the Internet will eradicate poverty everywhere. A second school of thought is that of the skeptics, who claim that the Internet will have little to no significant impact on the status quo. The third philosophy is that of the pessimist who argues that technology will further exacerbate the divide between the rich and poor, developed and developing countries. It is imperative for the sake of his argument to have a clear definition of the terms he employs to make his argument. I am sure his has a very compelling argument but it is not presented in his induction....
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summary8 - access between the poor and rich within one...

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