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Santiago Rubio Robin Kirkman Experiment 10: Acid Dyes; Generation of a Color Triangle November 4, 2010 I. Part 1 A. The process being performed in this experiment is the acid dyeing of nylon and wool fabrics. We will observe how mixing dyes changes the hue. We will also construct a “Color Triangle” from the samples. We will see how these acid dyes affect the fabrics as well as which fibers on the multifiber strip. B. The chemicals used in the experiment include C.I. Acid Yellow 17, C.I. Acid Red 1, and C.I. Acid Blue 45 which are the acid dyes used in this experiment. Formic Acid will be used in case the bath is too dark. It will promote more exhaustion onto the fabric. Acetic Acid will be used for pH control. C. The substrates being treated include a 10g sample of nylon 6,6 fabric and a 10g sample of wool fabric. A multifiber strip will also be dyed. D. 1. The first step in the process is to weigh the two fabrics to the nearest 0.01 g and attach a multifiber strip to each one he nylon fabric.
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