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Robin Kirkman Experiment 7: Dyeing of a Cotton/Polyester Blend with Reactive and Disperse Dyes October 14, 2010 I. Part II A. Observations: 1. The weight of our fabric was 8.08 g before treatment. 2. After we padded the dye bath onto the fabric, the weight was 15.22 g giving us a wet pick up of 88.37%. (See Calculations Below) 3. The color of the pad bath was purple and after padding, the fabric had parallel bands of dark purple and lighter purple. 4. After being dried in the cure oven at 199 o C, the fibers shrunk and the color became brighter. The light purple fibers became a little bit more bluish/gray. 5. We then washed the sample in hot water and a lot of the dye came off. The Polyester fibers turned even bluer. 6. We then created a scouring bath and immersed the fabric. The water started to turn purple. The more we agitated the fabric the more purple the water became. 7. Under the microscope, it was visible from all three samples that the fibers had not been singed because there were a lot of hairs on them. The fabric was uniformly dyed and the colors in the final product were very bright. 8. Multifiber Strip: Fiber Dyeability Acetate Stained SEF Modacrylic Stained Triacetate Dyed Bleached Cotton Dyed Creslan 61 Stained Dacron 54 Dyed Dacron 64 Dyed Nylon 6,6 Dyed Orlon 75 Stained Spun Silk Dyed Polypropelene Damaged
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7 Post - Santiago Rubio Robin Kirkman Experiment 7: Dyeing...

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