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Santiago Rubio Robin Kirkman Experiment 8: Disperse Dyes: Measurement of Dye Shade by K/S October 21, 2010 I. Part 1 A. The process being performed in this experiment is the high-temperature (130 o C) dyeing of polyester knit with a disperse dye. We will create a calibration curve to determine the shade of the dye in the fiber. B. The chemicals needed are Disperse Red 60 which is the dye. We will also use an acetic acid solution to control the pH of the dyebath. C. The substrate being treated is polyester knit. D. Procedure: 1. A % shade will be assigned to each group. We will weigh our knit and calculate the amount of dye needed for the particular % shade.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Create a 300 mL dyebath with water, correct amount of dye, and 1 mL of 1% acetic acid. 3. Transfer the dyebath to the Pyrotec beaker and then the fabric with a multifiber strip attached. Place the beacker in the Pyrotec machine. 4. Heat the dyebath to 130 o C and maintain it for 25 minutes. 5. Remove the sample from beaker and rinse in warm water to remove surface dye. 6. Dry fabric and multifiber strip in oven at 100-110 o C. 7. Measure reflectance at 520 nm at three different areas using the spectrophotometer. 8. Evaluate multifiber strip with Chromatic Transference Scale....
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