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Santiago Rubio Robin Experiment 1: Enzymatic Desizing of Cotton August 26, 2010 I. Part 1 A. The process of desizing is being performed in this experiment. B. The major chemicals being used are Renex 36 which is the wetting agent used to wet the textile material and allow the enzyme to attack it, Synthazyme HS-T which is a bacterial amylase used to desize the fabric, and sodium chloride uses for the chemistry of the desizing reaction. C. The substrate being treated is a 15” x 24” greige cotton fabric.
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Unformatted text preview: D. 1. Obtain a piece of 15 x 24 inch greige cotton fabric and cut 6 2 x 2 inch pieces. 2. Prepare a 300-mL desizing bath with these chemicals: 10mL of 100% Synthazyme HS-T, 50mL of 10% NaCl, 12mL of 1% Renex 36, and the rest water. 3. Insert fabric sample in beaker and heat to 80 deg C in the Pyrotec Machine. Run sample through padder to remove most water and dry in oven at 100-110 deg C. Calculate % weight loss. 4. Record observations of various tests on different swatches of fabric....
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