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2Pre - of multifiber fabric#43A D 1 Prepare a 300mL...

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Santiago Rubio Robin Kirkman Experiment 2: Scouring Action of alkali on Desized Cotton and Other Major Fibers September 2, 2010 I. Part 1 A. The process of scouring is being performed in this experiment. B. The major chemicals being used are Na 2 CO 3 and NaOH which are both used to scour cellulosic fibers, Renex 36 which is the wetting agent and allows for emulsification, and a 1% identification stain to dye the scoured and unscoured fabrics to observe changes. C. The substrates being treated are the desized cotton fabric from experiment 1 and 2 strips
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Unformatted text preview: of multifiber fabric #43A. D. 1. Prepare a 300mL scouring bath with these chemicals: 60mL of 10% NaOH, 12mL of 10% Na 2 CO 3 , 2mL of 10% Renex 36, and the rest with water. 2. Insert desized fabric along with multifiber strip to the bath and heat to 95 o C in the pyrotec machine. 3. Dry the swatch in oven at 100-110 o C. 4. Remove the multifiber strip and compare to the unscoured multifiber strip. 5. Record observations of the tests conducted on the fabrics....
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