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Robin Kirkman Experiment 5: Vat Dyes September 23, 2010 II. Part 2 A. Observations: 1. The wet pick-up of the dyed fabric was 69.45%. 2. The crockfastness test is used to determine how much dye is transferred by rubbing. We can see that if the vat dye is not reduced and oxidized, a lot of it will remain on the surface and rub off. Reducing and oxidizing allows for the dye to diffuse into the fabric. 3. The leuco form of the vat dye in alkaline solutions was an olive color. As soon as the fabric was removed from the bath it started turning brown and then orange. 4. The PROD and PROSD fabrics had blotches of different colors (brighter or duller oranges). 5. The multifiber strip showed that some fibers can be dyed through the use of vat dyes. These fibers were acetate, cotton, Nylon 6,6, viscose, and wool. Fabric Appearance and Observations Padded and dried The color was a duller orange but it was evenly distributed. Padded, reduced, oxidized, and dried The fabric was a bright orange with even coloration. Padded, reduced, oxidized, scoured and dried The fabric had almost the same appearance as the PROD. Table 1: Appearance of Dyed Fabric Samples Fabric Crockfastness PD 3.5 – A good amount of dye was transferred from surface to the bleached cotton in the crockfastness process. PROD 4.5 – A small amount of dye, barely enough to see the circular area of the process, was transferred. PROSD
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5post - Santiago Rubio Robin Kirkman Experiment 5: Vat Dyes...

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