5Pre - R C 5 g/L of Superclear R 80-N and 455 mL of water 4...

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Santiago Rubio Robin Kirkman Experiment 5: Vat Dyes September 23, 2010 I. Part 1 A. The process being performed in this experiment is the dyeing of a cotton fabric with vat dyes. This dye will have to be dispersed by a padder. B. The chemicals include C.I. Vat Orange 7 which is the dye that will be used in this experiment. Basogal R P, a dispersing agent, will help to uniformly apply the insoluble dye to the cotton fabric. Superclear R 100, an antimigrant, ……………. Sodium hydrosulfite is a reducing agent that will help solubilize the vat dye. Dilute NaOH will help the reaction of solubilizing the vat dye. A soap solution will help promote even exhaustion of the vat dye and it will be used in the scouring bath of this experiment. Sodium chloride solution will help…………… C. The substrate being treated is bleached 100% cotton fabric. D. 1. The first step is to weigh the 8 x 24 piece of cotton fabric to the nearest 0.01 g 2. Understand how the padder will work. 3. Create a 500 mL pad bath with 30 g/L of C.I. Vat Orange 7, 10 g/L of Basogal
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Unformatted text preview: R C, 5 g/L of Superclear R 80-N, and 455 mL of water. 4. Saturate the fabric in the dye dispersion and run it through the padder many times. 5. Weigh and calculate the %WPU of the fabric and dry. 6. Create a hydro reduction bath with 25 mL of NaOH, 1.5 g of sodium hydrosulfite, 15 mL of sodium chloride, and 485 mL of water. 7. Place bath in gibbs machine and heat to 70-80 o C. Immerse remaining fabric in bath for 20 minutes. 8. Remove fabric, squeeze excess bath, cut in half, and dry one half of the fabric. 9. Create an 800 mL scouring bath with 32 mL of 5% stock soap solution and 768 mL of water. Place remaining fabric in bath over hot plate for 10 minutes, rinse, extract and dry. 10. Compare the differences in appearance of three fabric strips. 11. Use AATCC Test Method 8 to test all three samples for color fastness to crocking with the AATCC Chromatic Transference Scale....
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5Pre - R C 5 g/L of Superclear R 80-N and 455 mL of water 4...

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