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Section Problems # 7 Round all of your final answers to four decimal places if necessary. From book: 4.106 (page 304) 4.108 (page 304) 4.124 (page 306) Problem 4.124 states that there are 16,071 degrees awarded. Ignore that number when you solve the problem (just use the given probabilities). 4.126 (page 306) note that the solutions to 4.125 are in the back of the book: P(Beth AA) = 1/3 P(Beth Aa) = 2/3 P(Beth aa) = 0 #1) Disease Y is a disease caused by a sex-linked recessive mutation. A son of a carrier of disease Y can get disease Y from the carrier. Some disease Y cases, however, are due to spontaneous mutations in sons of mothers who are not carriers.
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Unformatted text preview: Jessica has one son, who has disease Y. In the absence of other information, the probability is 0.32 that the son is the victim of a spontaneous mutation and 0.68 that Jessica is a carrier. There is a screening test called the CK test that is positive with probability 0.75 if a woman is a carrier and with probability 0.15 is she is not. Jessica’s CK test is positive. Find the conditional probability that Jessica is a carrier given that her CK test is positive. Round your final answer to four decimal places if necessary....
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