Quiz 2 2_25_10 makeup_ANSWERKEY-1

Quiz 2 2_25_10 makeup_ANSWERKEY-1 - EAS/ENGR 122...

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EAS/ENGR 122 Earthquake! Spring 2010 Quiz 2 2_25_10 Makeup ANSWER KEY 1. Which of the following is NOT a component of a lithospheric plate: a) oceans b) mesosphere c) crust d) uppermost mantle 2. Lithospheric plates typically move at rates of: a) a few meters per month b) a few kilometers per day c) a few miles per hour d) a few centimeters per year 3. The Wadati –Benioff zone is a: a) a dipping zone of earthquakes that typically extends to upper mantle depths b) the boundary between the mantle and outer core c) the portion of the San Andreas fault that “creeps” (slips slowly) rather than abruptly as in an earthquake d) the region beneath midocean ridges that melts to form oceanic crust 4. Oceanic crust is primarily formed by: a) partial melting of subducting lithospheric plates at convergent margins b) erosion of continental crust and its redeposition in the oceans c) enhanced melting of magmas rising as part of “hot spots” d) partial melting of the upper mantle at mid-ocean ridges 5. The Curie point refers to:
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Quiz 2 2_25_10 makeup_ANSWERKEY-1 - EAS/ENGR 122...

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