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Quiz 4makeup_AnswerKey

Quiz 4makeup_AnswerKey - EAS/ENGR122Earthquake Spring2010...

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EAS/ENGR 122 Earthquake! Spring 2010 Quiz 4 3_8_10 Makeup 1.  Tornados: a)   occur year round, but peak between April-July  b) never occur in the northeastern US  c) occur only in late summer d) are associated with cold fronts 2. A cyclone is: 3.  Which is the following is NOT an ingredient for development of a hurricane? 4.  Global warming: a) has clearly increased the number of Atlantic hurricanes b) has clearly increased the size of Atlantic hurricanes c) has clearly had no effect on the frequency or size of hurricanes
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  • Spring '08
  • average global temperatures, warm sea surface, rapid increase, Atlantic hurricanes, deadly pyroclastic flow, unusually destructive lahar

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Quiz 4makeup_AnswerKey - EAS/ENGR122Earthquake Spring2010...

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