North American Civilization

North American Civilization - Running head NORTH AMERICAN...

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Running head: NORTH AMERICAN CIVILIZATION 1 North American Civilization Harley McTarsney HIS/115 September 29, 2010 Sarah Watkins
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NORTH AMERICAN CIVILIZATION 2 North American Civilization The migration of the North Americans started originally from Europe and Africa. One of the earliest voyages was from the all time famous Christopher Columbus. He tried and tried for years to get the help to make the voyage and once he did, he traveled for roughly twelve years off and on. He made about four voyages around the world, and which in one of them he had discovered America. The first time he landed in America, he thought he was in the Bahamas, and it was actually South America. During this time frame, Christopher Columbus was not known for discovering America; the credit went to a gentleman named Amerigo Vespucci. Amerigo was given credit for finding America between the years of 1501-1503. There were tons of other men who were known for traveling the seas and discovering new places, and they also did this for the trading business of goods. There was also a young gentleman by the name of John Cabot who waited and tried to get the blessing from the king during this time to help with the funding of his voyage of discovering the new lands. Finally, after several years King Henry
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North American Civilization - Running head NORTH AMERICAN...

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