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Segment 1 Exam English III Learning Recovery Florida Virtual School 1. In Lesson 2.02B, you wrote a personal declaration where you freed yourself from something that you no longer wanted to experience. In a paragraph of at least 4 sentences, discuss how your declaration compares to the original declaration that Thomas Jefferson wrote. In what ways are they similar? What makes them different? 2. In 2006, a judge in Alabama ordered shoplifters to stand in front of a store wearing big signs that announced their crimes. In a paragraph of at least 5 sentences, describe how this punishment is similar to
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Unformatted text preview: what Hester Prynne went through in the movie you watched in Lesson 1.07 (The Scarlet Letter). What is your reaction to both the judge in Alabama and the townspeople in Salem? Does this type of punishment work, in your opinion? Why or why not? <img src=/educator/common/EnglishIIIv6/Iamathief.jpg> 3. In Lesson 4.05, you read Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s poem We Wear the Mask. In a paragraph of at least 4 sentences, explain what the mask in this poem symbolizes. Use what you know of Dunbar’s life to determine why he would have felt like he was wearing a mask when he was out in public....
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