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150.Exam - the same topic again for another research paper...

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Segment 2 Exam English III Learning Recovery Florida Virtual School 1. If you could select one piece of literature from the course which you would share with a friend who is seeking to understand American Literature, which work of literature would you select? In a paragraph of at least five sentences , please provide three specific reasons for your choice. 2. For Lesson 6.03, you wrote a research paper about a topic of your choice. In a paragraph of at least five sentences , please explain why you chose the topic that you did, how you found sources of information about that topic, and whether you would pick
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Unformatted text preview: the same topic again for another research paper. Also, describe what you learned about that topic in the process of researching it that you did not know beforehand. 3. For Lesson 8.02, your job was to respond to an editorial’s viewpoint and either agree or disagree with the author. What did the editorial that you picked argue for or against? Did you agree with it or not? In a paragraph of at least four sentences , explain why you did or did not agree with the editorial that you read for Lesson 8.02....
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