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AP Biology Course Overview Advanced Placement Biology is a yearlong course that allows students to be exposed to college level material within high school. Classes are held five day’s a week for 55 minutes. One day per week classes are 45 minutes long. Students are also required to attend a Saturday session during fourth term to prepare for the exam. The overall topics in this course include: Ecology, Atoms and Molecules, DNA, Cells, DNA, Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis, Cell Division, Genetics, Evolution, Diversity of Life, Plants, and Animals. Students complete several labs during each unit. Many labs require a formal lab write-up. Students are expected to complete summer work prior to September, read the textbook, complete chapter study guides, complete all labs, and exams. Each student receives a calendar with daily lecture or lab and homework assignments. Students are expected to complete vocabulary and answer study guide questions for each chapter. Students are also expected to answer and discuss chapter objectives as provided by Biology 5 th Edition by Campbell. The study guide and objective questions provide opportunity for students to think about the over lapping themes: energy transfer, continuity and challenge, regulation, interdependence, and evolutionary significance of form and function. Course Textbook and other Resources Biology 5 th Edition by Campbell, Reese and Mitchell. Publisher: Benjamin Cummings. CD Rom with Fifth edition “Biology” by Campbell and Reese.
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Biology: Concepts and Connections 5 th Edition by Campbell. Reece, Taylor, and Simon. Publisher: Benjamin Cummings . AP Biology Flash Cards by Barrons Five steps to a five on the Advanced Placement Examination: Biology by Anestis and Freedson University of Minnesota Medical Lab Trip (heart/lungs, nervous system) Wards AP Biology Lab Sets (12) with CD-Rom
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AP_Biology_AP_Audit_ANNA_official - AP Biology Course...

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