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Bailey Chapter 10 Notes Launching the New Ship of State: 1789 – 1800 In a period of 12 years Americans had fought a revolution against Britain and then overturned the first government. Although Americans saw the need for a central government they saw it as something to keep a tight rein on. And the country had little income with which to offset the tremendous debt. Americans knew the world was watching the country with skepticism. Growing Pains 1. In 1790 our population was 4,000,000 and it was doubling every 25 years 2. Our cities were growing but 90% of the population were farmers and 95% of the population was east of the Appalachians 3. Vermont was added to the union in 1791. 4. The Trans- Allegheny population was concentrated in KY, TN, and OH, where they lived a crude ax and rifle existence sneered at by foreigners. 5. These people needed the use of the Mississippi River and who were not strongly tied to the US and they had Br. and Sp. Agents trying to lure them into a move forward independence. Washington for President 1. The Electoral College unanimously chose Washington who would govern by strength of character not politics in 1789. 2. He was aware that he walked on untrodden ground. As the 1 st president in the US and world everything he did set a precedent. He also was well aware of the mistrust and trepidation in the country for a national government and of the eyes of the kings of Europe. 3. He would honor the separation of powers. He believed he could only veto legislation he believed to be unconstitutional. 4. When following the Constitution’s direction to get written advice from the heads of the executive branch departments, he found the method too difficult, so face-to- face cabinet meetings quickly evolved. 5. He picked his cabinet based on competence and compatibility with himself, he made the final decisions. 6. Washington preferred to concentrate on the larger view of national unity, respect for the new government and a smoothly functioning government. 7. Chose the following men to be his main advisors James Madison- his legislative go-between John Jay- Supreme Court Chief Justice Alexander Hamilton- Secretary of State Henry Knox- Secretary of War Edmund Randolph- Attorney General The Bill of Rights 1. James Madison was afraid that having a convention write the Amendments guaranteeing American freedoms could damage the new government. 2. So he decided to go with the 2 nd option for beginning the constitutional amendment process.
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He asked the states for proposal additions for a bill of rights. (He received 22), he wrote them up and had them voted on. Twelve of the proposed amendments were passed and sent to the states where 10 were ratified becoming the Bill of Rights in 1791. 3.
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baileych10notes - Bailey Chapter 10 Notes Launching the New...

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