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___________________________________________________________________________________________ Merk! Studentene må primart gjøre seg kjent med sensur ved å oppsøke sensuroppslAgene. Evt. telefoner om sensur må rettes til instituttet eller sensurtelefonene. EksAmenskontoret vil ikke kunne svAre på slike telefoner. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Department of Biology EXAMINATION IN BI1001 – CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Responsible contact during examination: Jens Rohloff Phone. 976 08 994 Date of examination: 29.5.2008 Time: 6 hours Points: 15 points Permitted aids: none Language: English Number of pages: 6 (included multiple choice test) Grades to be announced on: 18.6.2008 ±LL QUESTIONS COUNT ±S EQU±L. THE MULTIPLE-CHOICE TEST (5) COUNTS ±S EQU±L ±S ONE OF THE M±IN QUESTIONS (1,2,3,4). NOTE TH±T SINGLE QUESTIONS MIGHT BE WEIGHTED DIFFERENTLY (INDIC±TED IN %). PLE±SE ST±RT ±NSWERING EVERY QUESTION (1,2,3,4) ON ± NEW SHEET OF P±PER! Question 1 In 1953 FrAncis Crick And JAmes WAtson stAted, thAt they hAd unrAveled the three-dimensionAl structure of DN±. A) Describe the design of A DN± molecule, And explAin how the structure mAkes it possible to copy or replicAte genes to new, identicAl molecules (weighting 70 %) . DN± replicAtion is semi-conservAtive. WhAt does thAt meAn? (weighting 30 %) b) DN± is the moleculAr bAsis of inheritAnce. WhAt does it meAn thAt the geneticAl code is universAl? ( weighting 30 % ). Describe the different steps from gene to protein in An eukAryotic cell ( weighting 70 % ). -
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Question 2 Genetics is the study of inheritance and variation in living organisms, based on hereditary disposition (genes). a) Explain Mendel’s laws (10 %). b) Grey seed color ( G ) is dominant above white seed color ( g ) in bean plants. Below the phenotype of parents and offspring is shown in a set of crossings of bean plants: Parents Offspring Mother’s Mother x Father Grey White Genotype grey x white 81 82 ? grey x grey 118 39 ? grey x white 74 0 ? grey x grey 90 0 ? What are the possible genotypes of each of the mothers based on the given segregation data? (30 %) c) What is the norm of reaction of a species? (30 %) d) Explain dose compensation (30 %). Question 3 Photosynthesis is the foundation of all life on earth. a) Pigments are the basis for capturing light energy to generate ATP and NADPH 2 . Give an overview about the pigments involved, and how these effectively use light of different wavelengths for energy transformation. (40 %) b) Explain in detail how photo system I and photo system II function. (40 %) c) What is photorespiration, and how function C 4 -plants? (20 %) Question 4 All living organisms use different nutrients to produce energy. a)
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bi1001 eng - Norwegian University of Science and Technology...

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