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Advertising Analysis – Sample Essay The makers of alcoholic beverages conduct some of the most interesting advertising campaigns. Some of the most expensive and interesting advertising campaigns of recent years have been conducted by the makers of alcoholic beverages. Vendors sell everything from beers to clear malt beverages by associating them with good times. From beers to clear malt beverages, vendors sell the product by associating it with good times. Whether they connect with attractive models on the beach or cigar-smoking buddies in a pool hall, the modest price of their products and the obvious connection between the product and the promised effect (inebriation), make for an easy sell. Wine importers face special complications when designing advertisements to attract buyers to their more pricey wares. If customers can achieve the effect of inebriation for fifteen dollars a case of beer, why exactly would they pay out twenty or forty dollars for a bottle containing one tenth the volume? The makers of a “Bordeaux” advertisement published in an August 2003 issue of the consumer magazine, The Wine Spectator, emphasize the idea of “taste”—both in the sense that wines from this region of France are flavorful, and by implying that the viewer is a person of good taste,
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Advertising_Analysis_Sample_Paper - Advertising Analysis...

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