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Requirements for Advertisement Analysis Using your selected advertisement (the one you posted to the forum last week) write a 2-3 page  paper, following traditional academic standards for formatting and structure, analyzing the  message of the ad.   Format  2-3 pages 11 TNR or Arial Font Header – your name right hand corner Double spaced 1 inch margins Intro/body/conclusion/thesis Content – things you should discuss in your analysis paper Establish your thesis – what you believe to be the message of the ad.  (This is not the product  the ad is selling but the message it is trying to get across – that if you drink Boudreaux – you will  be classy and sophisticated and thus you will become attractive to woman)  Support the thesis- how you believe the ad uses, image, color, appeal, persuasion, placement in 
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Unformatted text preview: the magazine, audience, etc., to achieve the ads message. (THIS IS THE BULK OF YOUR PAPER) Make sure when you write your analysis you also -Give context to your ad- what industry does the ad come from – what can you say about the industry and their advertising. Discuss the magazine where you found the ad. Discuss how advertisements for these products usually function – (if you have a watch ad – look at other watch ads – is it similar? Have you noticed reoccurring themes, strategies, appeals?) Describe the ad – be descriptive and use a ton of detail. You want to reader to be able to picture the ad without ever seeing it....
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Requirements_for_Advertisement_Analysis - the magazine...

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