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THESIS2 - Don’t make your thesis merely an announcement...

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THESIS: declares the main point or controlling idea of your entire essay –it essential to the essay and can make or break your essay’s success. WORKING THESIS: A statement of your main point in its trial or rough-draft form – we usually have a working thesis before we do research and begin construction of the essay. GUIDELINES FOR A GOOD THESIS A good thesis states the writer’s clearly defined opinion on some subject. A good thesis asserts one main idea. A good thesis has something worthwhile to say. A good thesis is limited to fit the assignment. A good thesis is clearly stated in specific terms. A good thesis is easily recognized as the main idea and is often located in the first or second paragraph. AVOIDING COMMON ERRORS IN THESIS STATEMENTS
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Unformatted text preview: Don’t make your thesis merely an announcement of your subject matter or description of your intentions. State an attitude toward the subject. This paper discusses the color blue. In this essay I will explore the Vatican. Don’t clutter your thesis with expressions such as “in my opinion,” “I believe,” and “In this essay I will” Don’t be unreasonable. – All red heads should be locked up . Don’t merely state a fact. – Columbus traveled to America in 1492 Don’t make the thesis a question – What connection exists between the Vatican and Degas? (If you feel like your thesis should be a question then ask yourself the question and answer it. The answer is really the thesis.)...
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