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Unformatted text preview: MUS 300‐004 Fall, 2010 Music Appreciation Online Instructions for Quiz IV The most important aspects to study for the Classical period are: 1. Lives and important contributions of the three great classical composers: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven 2. Classical genres (solo sonata [though we did not study any example of this genre], string quartet, serenade, concerto, symphony, opera) 3. Classical forms (sonata form, theme and variations, minuet and trio, rondo) 4. Remember automatically the form of each of the instrumental listening examples in Part IV 5. Review all the listening examples, and print out your Listening Response for the three In‐Depth listening assignments for Part IV (Mozart Symph. 40 in G Minor, mvt. 1; opening of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni; Beethoven Symph. 5 in C Minor, mvt. I) To prepare for Quiz IV, be sure you are comfortable with the above concepts and facts. To understand the listening examples in the historical context, be sure to review pp. 200‐201 in the textbook. ...
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