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Part 3 Music: 1) Accompanied Recitative – speech like melody that is sung by a solo voice accompanied by the orchestra 2) Affections – emotional states like joy, grief, and agitation represented in baroque music through specific musical languages 3) Answer – Second presentation of the subject in a fugue, usually in the dominant scale 4) Aria – song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment, usually expressing an emotional state through its outpouring of melody: found in operas, oratorios, and cantatas 5) Augmentation – variation of a fugue subject in which the original time values of the subject are lengthened 6) Basso continuo – baroque accompaniment made up of a bass part usually played by two instruments: a keyboard plus a low melodic instrument 7) Bass ostinato (ground Bass) – variation form in which a musical idea in the bass is repeated over and over while the melodies above it continually change; common in baroque music 8) Camerata – in Italian, fellowship or society; a group of nobles, poets, and composers who began to meet regularly in Florence around 1575 and whose musical discussions prepared the way for the beginning of opera 9) Cantata – an instrumental composition based on a chorale; composition in several movements, usually written for chorus, one or more vocal soloists, and instrumental ensemble. 10) Castrato – male singer castrated before puberty to retain a high voice range; the most important category of vocal soloists in opera during the baroque period 11) Chorale – Hymn tune sung to a German religious text 12) Chorale Prelude – short composition for organ, based on a hymn tune and often used to remind the congregation of the melody before the hymn is sung
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13) Chorus - (1) – a group of singers performing together, generally with more than one to a
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definitions - Part 3 Music 1 Accompanied Recitative speech...

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