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026.InstructionsPartIII - MUS 300‐005 Fall 2010 Music...

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Unformatted text preview: MUS 300‐005 Fall, 2010 Music Appreciation Online Instructions for completing Part III Part III covers the Baroque period (1600‐1750). This period in Western history was extraordinary. The Reformation had occurred only a few decades prior to the Baroque period, and we see the impact of the Reformation through the innovations in church music developed by composers such as J.S. Bach, who was Lutheran. Moreover, this period was characterized by great innovations in science and philosophy (the era of rationalism), as well as by the rise of absolute monarchs such as Louis XIV of France. Countries such as Germany emerged intellectually and culturally for the first time. The genre of opera, which is still alive and well today, was invented around 1600. Instrumental music really took off, due to a number of factors, and by the end of the Baroque period, was co‐equal in importance with vocal music. Order for studying: 1. Read Part III in detail (pp. 97‐149) 2. Review and reflect on historical/cultural context (esp. pp. 98‐101) 3. Work on flashcards for Part III www.mhhe.com/kamien7e 4. Work on Multiple Choice drill for each chapter of Part III (excluding ch. 9) www.mhhe.com/kamien7e 5. Go to CONNECT and complete the entire assignment for Part III (note certain selections which are OPTIONAL below – you may skip these if you wish) 6. Review and take Quiz III The music of the Baroque period is a rich treasure trove which I hope you will enjoy very much. The following selections are not required for our work in this course; hence are OPTIONAL for your review as you move through the CONNECT assignments: Bach: Brandenburg Concerto 5, mvt. II (OPTIONAL) Bach: Brandenburg Concerto 5, mvt. III (OPTIONAL) Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 3: OPTIONAL links from the Listening Response: mvt. II: Air (OPTIONAL – but it is absolutely gorgeous so you might like to lean back and listen for pure joy); mvt. V: Gigue (OPTIONAL) ...
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