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Unformatted text preview: MUS 300‐005 Fall, 2010 Music Appreciation Online Instructions for Quiz I Quiz I will cover Part I of our textbook. The questions are similar to some that you have already answered in your assignments. To succeed in this quiz, you will need to understand the many concepts and terms covered in Part I (excluding ch. 4 which is not included on this syllabus). Besides understanding the definitions of these terms and concepts, you need to remember how some of these elements were used by real composers in real music. Thus, there will be a question about some important aspect of each of the listening assignments in Part I. These works (included in the assignments on CONNECT) are: Stravinsky Firebird, scene 2 Ellington C­Jam Blues Chopin Prélude in E Minor Bizet “Farandole” from L’arlesienne Suite No. 2 Tchaikovsky “Dance of the Reed Pipes” from The Nutcrackeri Bach “Bourrée” from Suite in E Minor for Lute You will have only one attempt on Quiz I, and there is a time limit. Be certain that you complete Quiz I by Sept. 24 as it will be turned off after that time. All graded material, including Quiz I, will be turned on again for the last week of the semester in case for some reason you failed to complete any of the graded portions of the course. ...
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