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Unformatted text preview: MUS 300‐005 Fall, 2010 Music Appreciation Online Instructions for completing Part I Part I is the most important part of our course. In this part of the course you will learn about the elements of music, and you’ll practice your basic skills in being able to hear these elements. Please note that we will NOT cover chapter 4 (Music Notation). Notation falls outside of the scope of our course goals. We will cover chapters 1‐3 and 5‐10. 1. Work through each segment of assignment as listed on the Moodle course site. For each assigned chapter, first read the textbook pages, then work through the linked material in the Online Learning Center. (007. through 014.) 2. Next, review the flashcards in the Online Learning Center, ignoring those pertaining to music notation. (015.) 3. Next, go to the Connect website, log in, and complete the assignments as listed. The listening selections and interactive listening guides will be among the assignments in Part I on Connect. (016.) 4. Finally, examine the instructions for the Part I Quiz, and take the Quiz. Prepare your materials for the quiz so that you have these in front of you when you take the quiz. You will have only ONE attempt allowed for the Part I Quiz. (017. and 018.) ...
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