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101_Plagiarism_Contract - when I have questions Student's...

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_ 101 Plagiarism Contract I have read and understand the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's plagiarism information statement. I know that intentional plagiarism is a punishable offense with penalties ranging from a zero on the assignment to expulsion from the university. I also know that unintended plagiarism can occur through improper citation and/or borrowing but is still punishable. To avoid unintentional plagiarism, I will consult with my instructor,
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Unformatted text preview: when I have questions. Student's Name: (Print) Shane Cormier Course: English 101 Section: 165 Instructor: Courtney Schoolmaster Semester and Year: Fall 2010 Student's Signature: Shane Cormier ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION - The return of the form(s) by University email takes the place of your signature and serves as your agreement to the statements represented on the attached form. Date: August 20 th , 2010...
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