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ENGLISH 101 Introduction to Academic Writing (Online) Fall 2010 Courtney Schoolmaster - Office Hrs: TTH 7:00-8:00 a.m.; 10:45-11:30 or by appt. Online Hours: TTH 11:00-11:30 p.m. E-mail: [email protected] Course Description : In English 101, ULL students develop the foundation for critical thinking, reading, and writing skills required of them in the academy by focusing on rhetorical awareness and argument. Students write between 50-70 pages of draft work and between 15-20 pages of polished, final-draft work during the course of the semester, and that work is supported and directed by frequent feedback from the instructor. Course Outcomes: In the course of writing thesis-driven essays, students will: Engage in writing as a recursive process Recognize the structures of argument Use writing and reading for learning, thinking, and communicating Respond to the needs of various audiences Discuss appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality Integrate their ideas with those of others Course Prerequisites: an ACT verbal score of 18 or higher, an SAT score of 450 or higher, or a grade of "C" or better in English 090 or its equivalent Required Texts and Materials: 2010-2011 - The Freshman Guide to Writing – this text will also be required for English 102. Take good care of it. McDonald, James. The Reader. New York: Longman, 2009. Access to a computer and online access Microsoft Word or Open Office. University email account Access to the Moodle board provided by University of Louisiana Lafayette. Access to a microphone and camera is preferred, but not required. Course Requirements: 1. Writing Projects – You will be required to four complete (1-15 pages) formal writing projects. Failure to complete all four projects will result in failure of the class. Each project will go through a number of drafts, and receive self, peer and instructor feedback. Writing Projects must be submitted in your class folder with all accompanying work. (Rough Drafts, Peer Reviews, Mini-Writes) Writing Projects need to meet the following conditions: --Rhetoric – Demonstrate, Identify and employ and understanding of the rhetoric associated with a particular genre. -- Critical Thinking. . Provide depth to your projects. For every project, you need to find some genuine question or perplexity. That is, don’t just tell four obvious reasons why divorce is bad or why love is good. Having found a perplexity, then use your paper to do some figuring-out. Make some intellectual gears turn. Your paper needs to move or go somewhere—needs to have a line of thinking. —Audience Awareness. Demonstrate your understanding of the audience you are writing for and the rhetorical choices one must make to reach a particular audience. —Conventions. For each assignment we will be exploring various conventions specific to a genre of writing.
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This note was uploaded on 11/06/2010 for the course ENGL 101 taught by Professor Schoolmaster during the Fall '10 term at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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SYLLABUSENGLISH101online - ENGLISH 101 Introduction to...

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