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Torry Wilson Competition drives magazine ads to release better, colorful, and catchy ads. In today’s society, every company has competitors chasing them. Whether it’s Burger King versus McDonalds or Wal-Mart versus Kmart, competition is everywhere. What separates these companies is their ability to promote their company or products. Most companies’ goal is to make their product appealing to people and Betancourt was successful in creating a magazine ad to promote “Chewies” The company Betancourt created an intriguing ad in the July 2010 edition of Body and Muscle magazine. Betancourt created chewy candies that consumers can eat to burn calories and produce lean and fine muscles. These colorful candies provide the viewer with a beautiful display of what’s inside the bottle. The half-page ad has a black background with open bottles of the product. The explosion of the colorful candy popping out the bottle supports Betancourt’s claim which
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Unformatted text preview: is a medium-sized white bolded text which reads “Get Explosive Results”. The orange flames in the background of the three bottles represent the calories the consumer will burn if they try the product. The flames can also mean that the product is so “hot” it’s burning up. Finally at the bottom in smaller white bolded text, the company claims they “added 25% more chewies”. Betancourt is targeting people who want to burn calories and help their body look better than ever before. “Chewies” help their goal by saving the consumer from nasty supplements other companies offer and a delicious candy that people can just enjoy without having any intentions to burn calories. The company did a great job in drawing attention to a viewer and keeping their ad short but effective....
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Chewies_rough_draft - is a medium-sized white bolded text...

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