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Extra Credit Assignment 1

Extra Credit Assignment 1 - Does this correlation indicate...

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Statistical methods extra credit [due: 4/9, 2:30 pm 10 points] Answer the following questions using the lecture by Christopher Monckton “An Update on the Science, Economics, and Geopolitics of Global Warming” at http://www.heritage.org/Press/Events/ev031809a.cfm Answer each question with 25 words or less. Your answers must be on this form and hand written. Points will be deducted if answers exceed the word limit and if the handwriting is not easily readable. 1. What correlation does Sir Monckton cite?
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Unformatted text preview: Does this correlation indicate causation? 2. Temperatures increased at about the same rate from 1975 until now that they did between ________ and ________ and between ___________ and ______________. 3. What is End point fallacy? 4. Sir Monckton gives several examples of selective reporting. Describe one. 5. The regression estimates the ______________ per century. Using data from _________ to the present gives a regression estimate of __________. 1993 _______ 1997 _______ 2001 _______ 2005 _______...
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