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Midterm 1 (Spring 2006)

Midterm 1 (Spring 2006) - Statistics Test 1 Prof VanderHoff...

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Statistics Test 1 Prof. VanderHoff Spring 2006 All work must be shown on exam to receive credit. 1. [5] A fan offered a bet of $25 against his $5 that RU-N would win the conference title. What does this tell us about the subjective probability that the fan assigns to RU-N winning? 2. [5] The mean time to complete a test is 67 minutes. The standard deviation for time is 12. Assume the time is normally distributed. What is the probability that the test is completed in more than 93 minutes? 3. [5] Download time has a mean of 35 seconds and a standard deviation equal to 14 seconds. The price of cds has a mean of $10 and a standard deviation of $2. Is download time or cd price more variable? 4. [40] Calculate the statistics below using the following data from a sample: 12 7 -3 6 7 2 4 Mean: Median Mode Range Variance Standard deviation Z score for X= 25
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5. [5] The probability that appraiser A is not available is .25; the probability that appraiser B is not available is .3. The probability that both are unavailable is .1. What is the probability that either or both are unavailable?
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