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chapter 9 outline 2

chapter 9 outline 2 - that can become the ovum and 2 polar...

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In Humans and Other Mammals, a Complex Interplay of Hormones Regulates Gametogenesis Gametogenesis- how gametes are produced in the mammalian body. Based on meiosis but differs in males and females o Oogenesis- development of mature ova (egg cells) o Spermatogenesis- production of mature sperm cells Oogenesis vs spermatogenesis o Cytokinesis during meiosis Oogenesis- cytokinesis is unequal- one secondary oocyte
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Unformatted text preview: that can become the ovum and 2 polar bodies that degenerate Spermatogenesis- all four products develop into mature sperm o Cells from sperm continue to divide by mitosis throughout the male’s life while it is not the case for oogenesis o Oogensis has long resting periods while spermatogenesis produces sperm in an uninterrupted sequence...
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