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AP Chemistry Summer Assignment--Mooring Chapter 2 Reading Guide for AP Chemistry Complete this reading guide by typing in the answers as you read chapter 2 in Kotz and Treichel. The table below is set up so that you can type the answers in the answer column and then use this as a study tool later. The text will automatically wrap as you type. You may use bullets instead of complete sentences. Please keep the answers brief. Typing word for word from the textbook is not acceptable. The completed study guide should be e-mailed to Mrs. Mooring as a word document at [email protected] by September 1st, 2010. . Questions Type in answers below. The text will wrap automatically as you type. What atomic particle did J.JThomson prove existed? Briefly describe J.J. Thomson’s experiment. You may import a diagram from the internet to help.
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Unformatted text preview: Briefly describe Rutherford’s experiment and what it proved about the atom’s structure. Refer to the diagram. What subatomic particle did Millikan investigate? What is the value of an atomic mass unit? What is the difference between an element’s atomic number and mass number? What is the difference between C-14 and C-12? Look at Problem Solving tip 2.1 on page 58. Make sure you can solve exercise 2.4 on page 58. What is the value of Avogadro’s number to 3 significant digits? Review the molar calculations on pages 60 and 61. Make sure you can answer exercises 2.5 and 2.6 on page 62. What is the difference between groups and periods? What was the difference between Mendeleev’s and Moseley’s approach to organizing the periodic table? What is an allotrope? Provide examples of the allotropes for two elements....
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