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ROBERT S. WELCH CENTER FOR GRADUATE AND  PROFESSIONAL STUDIES GOUCHER COLLEGE TEACHERS' INSTITUTE ©2010 GOUCHER COLLEGE Syllabus: July 12-16 ED 522.002 Preparing Students for the AP Exam ( Experienced AP Teachers) : Chemistry ( Instructor: John Hnatow) Dates and times that the course meets : Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Note required texts or supplemental readings : Brown, LeMay and Bursten Chemistry, 10e (included in supplied course materials,) and a familiarity of the information available on the AP Chemistry Homepage on AP Central. Course objectives: This course is recommended for teachers with three or more years of AP Chemistry teaching experience. Similar in nature to the course for New AP Teachers, <522.001.>, this course will model an AP chemistry curriculum in which participants will be introduced to both the hands-on and theoretical aspects of specific content areas. The workshop leader will share the most current information regarding the AP Chemistry exam. Topics selected for advanced study will be thermodynamics, electrochemistry as well as acid-base equilibria with emphasis on weak acids and bases, buffers, hydrolysis reactions, titration curves, molecular structure and descriptive chemistry. A full, daily laboratory component will complement the selected topics. Participants will also have the opportunity to work both individually and collaboratively on homework problems and problem-solving strategies, and to review past AP exams. Chapter tests that mirror current AP Exams will be provided as frameworks for group work. (There will be about two hours of homework daily). Group discussions will center on strategies for presentation, and the integration of the laboratory component with the content. The class ultimately is intended to inspire teachers to motivate their students to achieve at the highest possible levels. Attendance policy : If you are taking the course for credit, no absences are permitted. You must attend all five days all day to receive graduate credit . Instructor contact : email at Detail Breakdown of course Day 1 AM 1. Overview of plans for the course: content, structure, depth, and breadth. 2. Assignment of selected problems from AP exams, Brown and LeMay and Bursten textbook, electronic homework, and DVDs for participants to complete. 3. Brief discussion of lab safety and lab reporting methods. 4. Hand Warmers™ thermochemistry lab with LabQuest™
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ROBERT S. WELCH CENTER FOR GRADUATE AND  PROFESSIONAL STUDIES GOUCHER COLLEGE TEACHERS' INSTITUTE ©2010 GOUCHER COLLEGE PM 1. AP laboratory programs: style, equipment, timing, reports, statistics, etc.
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