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Sangeeth George  George 1 Mrs. Raub English 11 Honors October 29, 2010 "'Maybe there is a beast. ...maybe it's only us.'" ( Golding, 89). In the novel, Lord of the Flies , William Golding portrays human beings as evil people, but at the same time he also shows that people can overcome the evil within themselves if they try and if they truly want to. Piggy, Simon and Ralph are prime examples of people overcoming evil when being surrounded by it. In each of them there is a desire to do good. Throughout the novel, they clearly demonstrate that even when surrounded by evil, one can put aside one's desires and keep good morals. Firstly, Piggy truly desires to fit in with the rest of the kids on the Island. He displays this through his attitude and actions. For instance, Piggy is really polite and kind to the other kids because he thinks that if he is nice to the kids then they will return back his kindness and accept him as a friend. "'Here you are.' Piggy and the other two were by him. They were laden with fruit. 'I thought perhaps we ought to have a feast.'" (Golding,132). Piggy's kindness is clearly being demonstrated here when he tries to comfort Ralph after most of the kids deserts
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Eng Essay - SangeethGeorge Mrs.Raub English11Honors...

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