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Physics Lab : ARCHIMEDES PRINCIPLE AND BUOYANCY LAB Pre-Lab Exercise 1. A duck is floating on a lake with 25% of its volume beneath the water. What is the average density of the duck? The density of water is 1000 kg/m 3 . (This problem is related to Activity 1 in this lab.) 2. A solid block is attached to a spring scale. When the block is suspended in air, the scale reads 20.0N. When it is completely immersed in water, the scale reads 17.7 N. What is (a) the volume and (b) the
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Unformatted text preview: density of the block? (This problem is related to Activity 2 in this lab.) 3. A wooden block floats on water in a container. Now oil is poured on top of the water to a depth that more than covers the block. What happens to the block when oil is poured into the container? a) The block floats higher. b) The block floats at the same level. c) The block floats lower. (This problem is related to Activity 4 in this lab.)...
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