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Due Date: Sunday, 10/3/2010 Due Time: 11:59pm CS3380 Homework 1: Basic HTML and PHP (50 points) For this homework, you will create a single PHP page with the same layout as shown below, potentially using different colors for backgrounds and texts. The assignment will allow you to develop your HTML and PHP skills in preparation for future, more intensive course assignments. You will submit and deploy this webpage (named Homework1.php ) on Babbage under the directory: public_html/cs3380/HW1 Remember that Unix systems are case-sensitive, so be sure to name your directories and files as specified! Tasks 1. Find a webpage reference on HTML, PHP, and md5/sha1 Hashing 2. Develop a webpage following the layout below that includes your information. 3. Incorporate the three references into an ordered list of hyperlinks on the webpage. 4. Incorporate the form show below into the webpage. 5. Using PHP, create an HTML print out of md5 and SHA1 hashing. The word hashed is determined by the user’s input in the form.
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Unformatted text preview: Details Your page should substitute your name, pawprint, academic level, major, and expected graduation date for the ones shown below. You must set the browser window title as shown below, except use your own name. Pay close attention to alignments, font weights and styles, as well as cell divisions. While the same color scheme is not necessary, cells that are colored the same in the example below should have the same color in your webpage. The form should use the POST method to send the input data. Comments • Your links should be coded to open in a new browser window. • You should use TABLEs to layout the page, unless you have the skills necessary to properly utilize DIVs and CSS. • You must mimic the layout precisely to avoid point deductions Submission You should submit your assignment in a .tar.gz file through the course website prior to the due date and time listed above. Course Webpage: https://blackboard.missouri.edu...
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