Econ 3229 Fall 2010 Syllabus

Econ 3229 Fall 2010 Syllabus - 1 Economics 3229: Money,...

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Economics 3229: Money, Banking and Financial Markets Fall 2010 Meeting Time Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:00 pm to 12:50 pm. Meeting Place Allen Auditorium (A&S). Course Instructor Name: George Chikhladze Office: 237 Professional Building Office Hours: Tue, Thu 11 - 12:00 pm and Wed, Fri 10 – 11:00 or by appointment. Phone: 884 – 1588. Email: Course Overview Money and banking is an exciting discipline that covers issues of importance in real life. This course provides an overview of the working of the financial and economic system and seeks to provide an understanding of how a financial economy operates. Problems arising from asymmetric information in markets are shown to be of vital importance in appreciating the structure and functioning of the financial system. Research in the areas of money, banking and financial markets is highly active, and deals with issues continuously in the news and the subject of vigorous policy debate. International concerns are also increasingly influencing the direction of discussion on financial economic issues. In the course, emphasis will be given to the role of asymmetric information in financial markets and associated regulatory issues that arise, the fundamentals of interest rates and financial institutions, the money supply process and the conduct of the Federal Reserve, the behavior of exchange rates and the international financial system, and rational expectations and the working of efficient markets. Textbook Frederic S. Mishkin, The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets (Ninth Edition, Addison Wesley Publishers, 2009). The Study Guide is also required. A package of examinations given in Econ 3229 during the semesters of Spring 2009 and Fall 2009 is recommended and will be available on Blackboard. Students should also find it useful to read the Wall Street Journal while taking Econ 3229. Emergency related issues In case of an emergency, military call-ups, sickness or death in the family affecting attendance the day of an exam or an in lab quiz, you will be excused from the exam or the quiz if and only if you follow this procedure: Economics 3229 Section 1 Syllabus – Fall 2010 1
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You must provide your teaching assistant (TA) with your justification via e-mail and you must submit proper documentation to your TA in a timely manner (e.g. military order in advance, doctor’s note upon your return). When you go through a death in the family, you need to send your TA a statement, via e- email, telling the deceased's name and the relationship to you and provide your TA with a copy of the obituary upon your return. Unexcused (i.e., no documentation) missed tests and quizzes will be scored as zeros.
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Econ 3229 Fall 2010 Syllabus - 1 Economics 3229: Money,...

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