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Exam2A - Q1 Q4/20 Q5 Q8/20 Q9/20 Q10/20 Q11/20 Q12/10(bonus...

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1 Q1 - Q4 Q5 - Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Total /20 /20 /20 /20 /20 /10(bonus) PHYSICS 1210 – Fall 2009 - Exam 2A Name:_______________________ Oct. 20, 2009 Student #_______________________________ enter the first letter of last name in the box: Section: 9 am 10 am (circle one) This is a closed book, closed notes exam. I understand, pursuant to the University Regulations on academic honesty, that I am not to use any notes or information other than what is in the official, non- annotated formula sheet. Signature:_______________________________________ 1. This exam has 7 pages (including this one): check that your exam is complete. 2. Write your name in every page. 3. For multiple choice questions, please make sure that you circle the letter of the answer which you believe to be correct and only that answer . If more than one answer is circled for the same question, you will not receive credit for it. 4. For multiple choice questions (Q5-Q8), you will receive full credits if you circle the correct answers, even without showing your work. However, if you circle the wrong answers, you might receive partial credits if you show your work and your work is partially correct. 5. For problems 9, 10, 11, and 12, show all of your work on your examination paper, including the equations used. ANY ANSWER PRESENTED WITHOUT SHOWING YOUR WORK, WHETHER CORECT OR NOT, WILL LIKELY EARN NO CREDIT. 6. If something is not clear to you ASK NOW . Arguing that you were unsure of the meaning of the questions is useless once the exam is over and will have no influence in requesting a regrading. 7. When you have finished the exam, turn it in and you may leave. Once you have left the room you will not be allowed to return to resume work.
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2 PHYSICS 1210 – Fall 2009 - Exam 2A Name:_______________________ Q1-Q5: Conceptual multiple choices. No partial credits. 1 . (5 points) A figure skater is spinning slowly with arms outstretched. She brings her arms in close to her body and her angular speed increases dramatically. The angular speed increase is a demonstration of
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