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Unformatted text preview: gland the Ouse River flows through the ancient Yorkshire countryside and each practice and race day, Rachel Souza, the petite American, would sit in the coxswain's seat and bellow out instructions in her Boston accent to the eight young men facing her in a line, fellow students at the University of York …One of the lads dipping oars in unison to the American girl's call was Neil Entwistle. In class­conscious Britain he was a striver, a bright boy from a coal­mining town that had seen better days. It's not hard to imagine him being drawn to the vivacious American. ­­Dennis Murphy, NBC News,msnbc.com What does this do for us? Journalism…shocks Journalism…shocks The Dallas Morning News’ coverage of the Texas Youth Commission blew the lid off an agency rife with abuse, from brutality to sexual abuse. An overview… Journalism Journalism makes a difference • CBS News – Fall 2007 – Armen Keteyian – “Hidden epidemic” of veteran suicide – Led to denials fro...
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