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Unformatted text preview: Media Diary #2 Media Diary #2 What “news” did you read or view that you didn’t or wouldn’t typically find in your normal media diet? U.S. U.S. Economy Stimulus bill Layoffs (Macy’s) Gas prices Michael Phelps Michael Phelps Politics Politics Obama’s policies Obama’s administration (Timothy Geithner) Tom Daschle’s withdrawal Rod Blagojevich Sports Sports Barry Bonds Super Bowl Crime Crime • Gangs • Child Abuse International International • Gaza Strip • Russia • Iraq • Somali pirates Mizzou Mizzou Research Freshman enrollment Sports Science Science Octuplets Octuplets Alternative Energy Alternative Energy Weather Weather Others Others Smoking Groundhog Day Denny’s free breakfast Traffic tickets NYC crash landing Possible Missouri earthquake Where we found the news Where we found the news Where do Americans Where do Americans find news? What did they read/view? What did they read/view? How does journalism How does journalism turn into news? Traditional News Flow Traditional News Flow Without Newspapers? Without Newspapers? ...
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