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Syllabus-CS-2050_1 (2) - Syllabus CS 2050 Fall 2009...

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Syllabus CS 2050 Fall 2009 University of Missouri, Columbia Fall Semester 2009 - Course Syllabus Instructor : Prof. Jeffrey Uhlmann Email : [email protected] Office : EBW- 884-2129 Office hours : 11am-noon TR (but I am available much of the time during the week if you want to drop by my office) or by appointment. Lecture Hours : WF 3:00 - 3:50 pm Location : EBW Auditorium Teaching Assistants (TAs): Anoop, Dan, Jason and Yi TA Office : EBW 239 in Engineering Bldg West (Tentative, may change) TA Phone : NA TA Email : [email protected] TA Office Hours : 9:00 – 11:00 AM Friday Required Text : "Data Structures & Other Objects Using Java" Author: Main ISBN: 0321375254 Please see for more information. Prerequisites : Each student is assumed to have completed CS 1050 (or its equivalent) with no less than a C- grade. This course assumes that each student is familiar with the Java programming language. Java will be used for all assignments, so students unfamiliar with Java should expect to spend some extra time at the beginning of the semester to develop practical proficiency with it. IMPORTANT NOTE : It is assumed that students in this class understand Java and have sufficient understanding of programming to debug syntax errors. Programs that do not compile may be assessed a score of zero without further grading, but you may meet in-person with a TA to explain what parts of the program work and are deserving of credit. Course Objectives : An "algorithm" defines the logic for solving a given programming problem. The conversion of that logic into code in a particular programming language produces an "implementation" of the algorithm. CS 1050 introduces the basic features of a particular programming language and assigns programming problems to assess students' abilities to implement relatively simple
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algorithms. In other words, the focus of CS 1050 is on implementation. The focus of CS 2050, however, is on the design of algorithms to solve nontrivial problems both correctly and efficiently. The programming assignments in CS 2050 are not intended to assess whether students can implement algorithms in Java -- it is assumed that they can -- the assignments are intended to determine whether students can apply the techniques described in the class and text
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Syllabus-CS-2050_1 (2) - Syllabus CS 2050 Fall 2009...

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