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The courtship display that I found was the one of the Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird. The male hummingbird has two feathers attached to his tail by long, thin appendages. While mating, he will move or spin these around very quickly to get the female’s attention. They are brightly colored to attract the female. He also flies around very quickly while moving the feathers around. It would disadvantageous for two different species to mate together because they may produce infertile offspring (reduces hybrid fertility). This would lead to the extinction of the species if they were to keep mating with a different species. An advantage of courtship displays in mating would be that if only the best and strongest were to succeed in finding a mate, then only the best genes would be passed down through the generations. The males of a species tend to be more brightly colored or have larger structures because they are the ones that need to attract the females. The females more often than not are very selective about whom
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Unformatted text preview: they mate with. Sometimes it is the other way around, but most often, it is the female that must be impressed in order to think about mating with a male. Females are this selective because they only have a certain number of eggs per mating season whereas the male has nearly unlimited sperm. The bright colors and larger physical structures do increase the risk of predation, but it is balance out by the increase likelihood of mating successfully. Hopefully the male with the bright colors will be able to mate before being preyed upon, therefore passing on his genes to another generation. Are there parallels between the human mating process and the wild mating process? Absolutely! The male humans will do their best to impress the ladies. Maybe not by wearing the brightest colors, but they will definitely put their best foot forward in order to impress the opposite sex....
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