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Week 6 Lab 1. There is a 50 percent chance of the offspring inheriting either allele. 2. Why? Since there are only two alleles, there is an equal chance of each being inherited. The dominant allele does not have a better chance than the recessive allele. The passing on of alleles from a parent to its offspring is purely by chance. 3. 1/8, since there is a ½ chance every time. And (1/2) ^3 equals 1/8. 4. The genotypes of the parents are male = head/tail and female = head/tail. 5. The possible genotypes of the offspring are head/head, tail/tail and head/tail. 6. HH- 25%, tt-25%, Ht-50% 7. There are two beans pulled out at one time because the two different kinds of beans represent the two alleles that would be received by the offspring, one from each parent. 8. Yes, it would be possible if both parents were heterozygous (Rr) and both passed on the recessive (r)
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Unformatted text preview: allele. 9. No, because albino mice only have the two recessive (rr) alleles and the dominant (R) allele is needed to have normally colored fur. 10. The percentages are pretty close to what I predicted. I guess they are as close as can be expected. I did predict that there would be more albinos with long tails, but other than that, the numbers are pretty consistent. The ratio of 9:3:3:1 is not what our group got. There were more normal colored mice than anything else, but there were more albinos with long tails than normal colored mice with short tails which were pretty much even with the albino mice with short tails. I guess this is pretty much because everything really is up to chance and doesn’t necessarily follow the rules all of the time....
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