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Week 8 discussion - population This will cause a decrease...

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Do genes skip generations? No. The reason why some traits are not expressed is that these would be the traits expressed by recessive alleles. In order for this trait to be expressed in an offspring where neither of the parents expresses it, both parents would have to have the recessive allele and both would have to pass it on to the offspring. This is the only way for it to be expressed. If only one of the parent were to pass it on, since it is recessive, the dominant allele would be expressed. Maybe the trait could appear in offspring but not in there ancestors by a gene or allele mutating. Maybe, in the past, the allele was different. But over time, and many generations of different people coming together with different alleles, this allele mutated into something different than it was 200 years ago. Inbreeding is when someone chooses to have offspring with someone whom they are related to. Inbreeding depression occurs when there is little variation in the genetics of a breeding
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Unformatted text preview: population. This will cause a decrease in evolution. This will cause a decrease in the number of genes passed down from generation to generation. . Certain genotypes will become more common over the generations, probably the genotypes that express the most popular phenotypes. An advantage of inbreeding might be that you would know, after a certain amount of generations what genes are present and which are not. a disadvantage would be that if the same genes are passed from generation to generation, they may be more likely to mutate and cause defects. One way people avoid have incestuous relationships is simply by finding someone outside of their family. For animals it is not so easy to tell. It's not like they can ask each other. They may do this by finding a mate that they know to have different parents. I'm not sure how animals would know at all. If the male of a species mates with many different females, how do the offspring know that they do not have the same father?...
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