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Week 10 Lab - Week 10 Lab 1 I believe that you are seeing...

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Week 10 Lab 1. I believe that you are seeing them vibrate because of the water molecules that are bumping into them. Are they moving? It looks like they are moving, though they are only moving a little bit. 2. If a flame was held under the slide I believe that they would be moving much faster since molecules move faster when it is warmer. 3. If an ice cube was held under the slide, I think that the movement would slow down greatly, since when it is cold, molecules move more slowly. 4. Organelles move along the periphery of the cells in order to obtain the most nutrients from other cells and from the external environment. 5. Plants wilt when they do not get enough water. This then causes the water in the cell’s water vacuole to go where it is in lower concentration, but eventually, the plant will have no water. Since it is the water in the cells that push against the cell walls and give the cells their shape and structure, if there is no water, there will be no structure. Therefore the plant will wilt.
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