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There are advantages and disadvantages to asexual reproduction. This is when an individual of a species may reproduce on its own without another member of the species. This would mean that there is only one set of DNA being passed on. Sexual reproduction also has advantages and disadvantages. A disadvantage of having to reproduce sexually is the finding of a proper mate. It is not always easy to find someone worthy of reproducing with. I believe that being able to reproduce asexually would be more beneficial in an unstable environment. This is because in an unstable environment, there is more likely to be less chances to mate and with less options of potential mates. This would, of course cause the
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Unformatted text preview: same DNA to be passed on from generation to generation, but it's better than having a species become extinct. Being able to reproduce sexually would be more advantageous in a stable environment because there would be more potential mates to choose from. This would give the species more variances in DNA as well as traits. This would be beneficial because the more differences there are in the DNA and alleles, the less chance of genetic diseases. being able to reproduce both asexually and sexually would probably be the best option for any species. That way whatever happens, they would still be able to reproduce....
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