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Week 11 Lab - 7 The longest stage in duration would be...

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Week 11 Lab 1. Most of the cells are not dividing. 2. In the nucleus of a dividing cell, you can clearly see the chromosomes. In the non-dividing cell, the nucleus just looks like a circle. 3. B.=interphase, c.= prophase, d.=metaphase, e.= anaphase and a.= telophase/cytokinesis 4. A.= metaphase, b.= anaphase, c.= telophase/cytokinesis, d.= prophase 5. Most of the cells were in Interphase, it was 55.55% of the time. 6. The least number of cells were in telophase with only 2.77%.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. The longest stage in duration would be interphase with a cell being in this stage for about 12 to 13 hours in a 24 hour cycle. 8. The shortest stage is telophase, in a 24 hours cycle the cell would spend about an hour in this stage. 9. There are two chromosomes in one haploid set, n= 2 10. We have 4 replicated chromosomes, we have 8 chromatids. 11. Chromosomes get replicated in prophase. 12. A. 4, b. 4, c. 4, d. 8, e. 4, f. 4...
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