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Week 2 Lab 1. The living animal is my cat, Harry. I now that it’s alive because it acquires energy form the food I feed it and uses that energy to run around the house and wake us up at 3 A.M. I know that he can reproduce. The properties that characterize life are: the ability to acquire and use energy, the ability to reproduce, having DNA, being made up of one or more cells, being organic, being highly organized, the ability to maintain a constant internal environment, ability to carry out chemical reactions, ability to respond to changes in the environment and are related by common ancestry. 2. I know that plants are alive because they respond to changes in the environment like when they grow towards the sunshine or wither and die when they get covered in snow. Plants make their own food by photosynthesis from the energy from the sun. They also reproduce by using either pollen or seeds. They are made up of more than one cell and are organic. 3. No, yeast does not appear to be alive. This is because you can see no chemical reactions taking place,
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